“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn”- Gloria Steinem

While there has been a considerable conversation over the years surrounding the subject of equal opportunities for women particularly in the workforce, a line shared by a visiting speaker at our internal forum for building and encouraging women leadership has stayed with me since: “Women need equitable opportunities, not equal opportunities.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines equitable as “dealing fairly and equally with all concerned,” and equal as “of the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another.” …

Video calls seem a necessary evil now, but have delivered some valuable lessons if we choose to learn them

Like many, Zoom and I were long-distance friends in the past, we interacted over weekly calls with global teams. Over the past few months, our friendship has touched new heights and we are spending a lot of quality time daily. …

One of the lessons I have taken out of this ongoing pandemic is heightened sensitivity; in spite of being a fan of the written word, I now pick up the phone and speak to a colleague as opposed to sending out an email, the difference in the outcome is significant.

If you dwell on it you will concur that our audio sensory powers have now heightened to pick up human emotions, we are now much quicker in picking up nuances of change in voice, whether it is just a slight drop or that note of excitement on a new project…

“I can’t come up with anything profound.” said my friend who I considered extremely evolved and thought would have a prompt answer to my question on “what is your ‘Ikigai’?”. A Japanese term which means, your reason for being, loosely translated your purpose in life, it is the French equivalent of Raison d’être.

“The alarm!” had been his earlier answer obviously a failed attempt at humour to get away from my question which forced him to take a moment and think, to be fair at least a few moments.

After some thought he finally did arrive at “To resolve, solve…

Priyanka Mehra

Director Marketing Communications Havas Group India, Views expressed here are my own

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